Queue (queue) wrote,

Violent thoughts

I notice myself having some particularly violent thoughts yesterday. One was while walking from work to Park Street. Some guy was sitting on a bench with a little poodle-type dog with a little purple ribbon in its hair. I had the thought of me saying some kind of nasty remark about the ribbon, and then picking up the dog and throwing it on the ground, or breaking its neck, because I thought I could probably do it before he could react to it. Now, I want to make clear that I never actually intended to do that, and I never would do anything like that. Still, it was slightly disturbing to have had that thought. I'd had some kind of violent thought earlier in the day, but I forget now what it was.

I wonder if it's the stress of starting up work again, not having any free time. Or maybe reading these violent books (Robin Hobb) is having some kind of effect? No clue.

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