Queue (queue) wrote,


So, I started my job yesterday. Up late gaming, so I didn't get to bed until midnight, then it was up at 6. Then in to work, where I got there early and had to wait around, since I was meeting some HR person at 9 for my first day. So, I did some work yesterday. Then went to the Diesel. Then went to magid's and mostly just unwound and read my book. Then went home, quick check of email, then to bed, where I read until going to sleep at around 9:45. Up at 6 again this morning, although it was a little easier. Drove to park near Harvard. Left my house at 6:43, and got into work something like an hour and fifteen minutes later. Hrm. I think it might be worth it to pay the $2.50 for parking at Wellington in order to save possibly a half hour or more on the commute. Then the question is whether to take the orange line to Downtown Crossing and just walk from there, or to change to the green line at Haymarket and take that all the way to Arlington.

And I need to come up with a routine for breakfast and making lunch, since I remembered to make my lunch today but forgot to eat breakfast. I need to go shopping for dinner tonight, anyway, so I hope I'll remember to pick up some cereal and some shampoo.
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