Queue (queue) wrote,

Apprentice Loadmaster

I helped friends move today, and it went extremely well. Part of that, I think, was due to the excellent loadmaster. I put myself in the truck helping him, and it was really amazing. That truck got packed very well and securely. I wonder if he'd be available to hire for the next time I move.

The cake part of the jelly roll is currently in the oven. I took the Betty Crocker recipe and added some cocoa and sugar to it. I'm hoping that will go well with the icky rum jam.

I got a decent enough workout today from moving that I took a shower and got a nice nap after coming home. Plus got in a game of Battle Line, which arrived yesterday. Oh, and speaking of arriving, my Perl books still haven't gotten here. So I sent an email to Amazon. They're giving them up as lost, so I assume they'll be sending them out again soon. I wonder if there will be any sort of gift certificate thingy in there for the trouble. I wonder what I would spend it on. Hmm. I was actually thinking that I haven't gotten any new computer games in a while. I think I'd like to get the newest Heroes of Might and Magic game, plus some of the less-recent ones where they had a series of campaign games, of which I think I got 2 out of 4. It's been long enough since I've played them, though, that I could probably drag those out and get enough enjoyment out of them.

As if I'd have time. My job starts on Tuesday. I'm starting my copyediting course at Cambridge Adult Ed on September 26, for 8 weeks. I decided I'm going to take an introductory Hebrew course at Brookline Adult Ed on Tuesdays, starting September 24, for 8 weeks. So, we'll see how well I manage my time. Plus I need to find time to write. Plus I need to update the compendium tomorrow. Before my morning bike ride and leaving for New Haven for the day and night. Well, we'll see.

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