Queue (queue) wrote,


This is mostly gone, but I've told it out loud, so we'll see what has stuck.

I was running away from people, along with some other people. There ended up being these rings (like the gymnastic rings) that you could swing between to get away, but they were on a place that was something like 30 feet off of the ground, and they weren't close together, so you could very easily fall and get seriously hurt, not to mention be back among the people chasing you. So, I was doing fine, when this kid that I knew in grade school came up and was clinging to me, too afraid to go across himself. I lost my momentum and couldn't go on anymore with him clinging to me. It took a while, but I convinced him to go on by himself while I held on to this pillar on top of a cylindrical concrete thing that one could rest on. I had to clutch the pillar to feel safe, though. Then there were lots of other people on the rings, and it seemed more like they were doing it for pleasure than for getting away from people chasing them. Families were there with kids, and there were a couple of close calls with the kids almost falling. So, with all the people, I had to wait a while. This family comes by, and there is a little girl, 2 at the most, standing on the concrete thing with me, with her parents worrying about the rings, not looking at her. She simply walks off the edge. Her father says that she touched him as she fell down, implying that that was the first he knew of it, so he couldn't have possibly saved her. He accused me of watching her walk off the edge, that I could have grabbed her. I was rationalizing to myself that if I had gone after her, I probably would have fallen, too, and then I probably would have taken more people with me. It felt like it was true, but I just couldn't shake the feeling that it was just a rationalization. Then things switched to a Simpsons episode, and Bart said, "I'm as upset about death as the next person, dad, but did you know they had a restaurant in here?" Bart, Lisa, and Homer were in a restaurant in the Springfield Retirement Castle, one that they hadn't known about before, and there was a sign saying that the restaurant was free. The three of them sort of laughed as the camera panned out.
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