Queue (queue) wrote,


I managed to write a bit yesterday, something more than a couple pages or so. I've got some idea of where this story is going, but I have no clear idea what the resolution will be, or even what the central focus will be. It actually doesn't seem to have any point right now, other than just me writing about an idea I had. I guess any writing is good practice. I think I just want to get this written and finished, and then leave it for a while and come back and rewrite it. Of course, I'm not sure if it will be able to be finished if I don't have a clear idea what it's about. I suppose I'll try to get into it more and see if anything suggests itself to me.

Time to go write now, I think. It's scary that I'm thinking of using putting away dishes later as a break from writing. That's how much writing scares me.

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