Queue (queue) wrote,

Role playnig

Played in the role-playing game last night, and it went well. Actually, I spent most of the gaming time playing Boggle, as a lot of the time was focused on other people. But that's fine, since a lot of the last session was focused on me. Our game master likes to have us not in the room when stuff is going on that our characters aren't present for, which I really like. It adds a real sense of mystery, like you're reading a novel from one character's persepective, and you know that there are other things going on outside that particular character's view. I got to play some, and the little bit intrigued me more. I wonder if this particular setting, where supernatural things are real but not out in the open, and characters generally have supernatural abilities, fosters a certain amount of secrecy between characters, since they wouldn't go around letting people know that they have supernatural abilities. And I wonder if this could cause problems in some groups of people, with people plotting against each other and such. I don't think it'll be a problem with our group. I think it's really neat, though, the whole air of mystery. Hell, I've only met up with one of the other characters; I don't even have a clue how I'm going to meet up with the other two (who have met each other, apparently).

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