Queue (queue) wrote,

On writing

Well, I actually managed to get myself to write 4 sentences of a story today. Considering the months and months that I have not written a single word of fiction, that's pretty good. Then, of course, I got distracted. I need to come up with a name, so I wrote a little Perl program to randomly generate names based on a supplied pattern of consonants and vowels. Then I ate and decided to read some more. I'm more than two-thirds of the way through Assassin's Quest now, and I really would like to finish it before I start work a week from tomorrow.

I haven't thought much about going back to work, and when I do, I'm not parituclarly looking forward to it. I'm not particularly dreading it, either. It's just that I've really enjoyed having this time off, especially since I've managed to be (relatively) productive with it. I think the job should be an interesting challenge, though, and it will be money coming in, which is nice. It will also give me some reading or writing time, since I will likely be commuting on the T. I also have my copyediting class to look forward to, which starts in about a month.

I guess, as always, what I really want is to be able to freelance and to be able to command enough of a pay rate that I can afford to work when I want to work (or, more precisely, to not work when I want to not work). But I think this job is heading me in the right direction. And, if I manage to write a few more sentences, maybe that will head me in the right direction, too. I think that an editor with writing credits, no matter how small, is a lot more marketable than an editor with no writing credits.

My goal of reviewing my character notes from the last gaming session 3 weeks ago never happened, but I'm okay with that. I at least printed out my portion of gaming that happened over email, and I at least have notes from the important stuff of last gaming sessions, and I know where they are, which is an improvement over some of the games of the last campaign. So, I feel happy with at least a litle nod towards organization, given how unorganized I am in general.

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