Queue (queue) wrote,

Allergies, Day 3

Took some Benadryl last night (expired by a year and a half), and that seemed to help my symptoms, but I still couldn't sleep, probably mostly due to the heat. Tonight should be better, and I think I need to sleep in my own bed tonight, since that's where I seem to get the best sleep.

A friend of a friend told me last night that he got rid of his allergies by completely eliminating dairy from his diet. Anyone know if there's actually anything to this? I mean, I know that dairy does bad things to my digestive system, so it probably wouldn't be a bad thing to get rid of it, anyway, except that it will be extremely difficult. We'll see.

I've made a start at cleaning my room. And as soon as I figure out a next Jotto guess, I'm headed back there. I'm not sure I'll be able to get it completely done today, but it already looks a lot better. And I need to decide what to do with the space, since I think that I will have a lot of extra space once I get things all put away. I had forgotten that the bookcase I have in there has shelves that need to go on it, so that's plenty of room right there. I think I can take the table out of my room. Maybe it's time to consider actually buying a piece of furniture for my room to fit whatever purpose I end up wanting it to fit, instead of the usual figuring out a use for whatever random bits of furniture we have around the house, We'll see how it goes. Might end up doing some rearranging, too, but we'll see.
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