Queue (queue) wrote,


Argh. Just got a call from an HR person at the New England Journal of Medicine. This was for the manuscript editor position. Argh. She said she wanted to talk to me more, to find out more than the resume. I think that counts as a phone interview, but I'm not sure. Anyway, I had to tell her that I had accepted a position already. She told me to call back in 5 months (when my contract position is over) and see where they are.

Should I have waited? This seemed like the perfect job, like exactly what I wanted. Should I have turned down the other, certain position for a chance (maybe a small chance) at exactly the right thing? Argh. I don't know. Oh well. If I'm getting these opportunities now, I guess it should only get better, right?

In other news, the plumbers finally left a little bit ago. $800 total, so that's not too bad. The house is a mess, but at least it'll force us to unpack more. Too bad I'm going to be away most of this weekend. Well, actually, it'll nice to be away from the mess, and in air-conditioning to boot.

Time to try out the Stop & Shop sushi, then probably a cold shower. There's probably not much hot water yet, anyway, but, regardless, I want a cold shower. Too hot and sweaty. I hope this dehumidifier does the trick drying this place out. I need to remember to empty the bucket before leaving for the evening.
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