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A fun way to wake up in the morning:
"Mmmm, last night was wonderful. Let's do it again right now!"

Not a fun way to wake up in the morning:
"There's water in the basement. I need you to come help move stuff."

Guess which way I woke up this morning? So I called the plumber, saying I thought a pipe had leaked. We spent the hour putting towels down and moving boxes out of the way, then taking things out of boxes. Our main floow is currently overflowing with crap from boxes. I guess that's one way to get us to unpack. We found out that it's actually the water heater that's leaking. So I was going to call the place back, but I notice that their ad mentions water heaters as well, so I don't sweat it. hrafn leaves for work. The plumber arrives. I tell him it's the water heater. He tells me he only does drains and they'll have to send someone else out. I get a call from the dispatcher lady, and someone is going to come out between 12 and 2 today, which sucks because that doesn't get me to JP until later today. I hope the dog can hold it in. So, I wrung out the towels, and they're in the dryer now. After I make this entry, I'm off to Target to get a dehumidifier. Then probably lay the towels out again, then wring them out again, then throw them back in the dryer.

Not exactly how I'd planned my day. But, hey, at least this happened while I'm out of work.
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