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War of the Realm: looking for 1 more player - Queue — LiveJournal
March 15th, 2009
08:38 am


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War of the Realm: looking for 1 more player
So I saw this site mentioned somewhere: http://www.waroftherealm.com/

It bills itself as an online board game, although there is no offline game it's based on. It's a turn-based strategy war game. The trouble is, you need 4 or 5 people to make a game (depending on the board you choose); there are no computer opponents. So I've got a "casual" game started (something like 36 hours max between turns, so you have a long time to get back to your turn before it skips you), but I only have three of the required four people for this board. Anyone want to be the fourth? Just sign up on the site and send me your name or alias or whatever, and then I can extend you an invitation to join my playgroup (you can limit a game to your playgroup, so that you don't have to play with random internet weirdos).

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