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Library books - Queue — LiveJournal
October 14th, 2008
08:07 am


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Library books
Returning some books today, and I thought I'd take a few notes.

  • Orcs by Stan Nichols - Omnibus trilogy. Started out a bit meh, but then it got good. Finished the first book of the trilogy, and I don't think I'll have time to finish it before it's due on Friday (and can't renew it since it's new and so other people want it), so I'll get it out again some time to finish the other two books.
  • Feed by M. T. Anderson - Neat YA SF novel with a fun slang language. I think I'd read other stuff by this author.
  • Anita Blake Vampire Hunter: Guilty Pleasures, Volume 1 by Laurell K. Hamilton - Graphic novel based on the work of Laurell K. Hamilton (apprently very popular, but I've never read her). It's OK, but not something I'm interested in picking up more of, even though it ended in the middle of the story.
  • American Virgin: Head by Steven T. Seagle - Interesting graphic novel about this rock-star-like teenage virgin, whose fiance gets murdered while in the Peace Corps in Africa. He goes kind of nuts and goes there to try to hunt down the people who killed her. I'd read the next volume.
  • The Invisibles: Say You Want a Revolution by Grant Morrison - Graphic novel with two opposing forces trying to determine the fate of the world/universe. Psychic abilities and such, pretty interesting. I'd read the next volume.
  • Blankets by Craig Thompson - Very good, as expected. Personal and touching and real. I'd read his other stuff.
  • Top 10: Book 1 and Top 10: Book 2 by Alan Moore - Graphic novel with a police precinct where everyone in the world has a superpower. Nice episodic series, with some funny and some serious. I'd definitely read more of this.
  • Light Brigade by Peter J. Tomasi - Neat one-off graphic novel about angels and the war in heaven brought to earth. I might try to find more like this.

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Date:October 14th, 2008 03:23 pm (UTC)
Yeah, I'm really liking the whole Orcs thing. It's really interesting having heroes whose default solution to a problem is to smash it.

I find the writing for the Anita Blake comic to be a little too . . . something. Like it's trying a little too hard or something, I dunno. And the little bits of humor seem kind of forced. Still, if you like the books, I'd imagine you should at least give the first graphic novel a try.
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