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Jotto update

I spent yesterday writing the Jotto AI. It's still not completely debugged, but it's mostly working. There seem to be occasional cases (well, there was one) where it gives some warnings and stuff. I haven't been able to duplicate that yet, so I need to keep testing to see when that comes up. Other than that, it seems to be doing what I've told it to do. So, the next step is to test it out in an automated fashion, collecting some data so that I can compare it to the original version that just picks a random word from the possible words.

For the fun of it, I decided to run the AI on the full dictionary, to see how many words it puts on its list of best first guesses. This is a dictionary of almost 6000 words, so this could take a while. It's been running for 100 minutes right now. If I were smart, I would have put progress indicators in there. The algorithm takes just a few seconds if there are fewer than 100 words, but it can take a couple minutes if there are close to 500 words. This probably doesn't bode well for how long this will take. I'm hoping it's done by noon.
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