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So, it looks pretty likely that I'm going to get an offer.

I had an interview at McDougal Littel yesterday (they're a division of Houghton Mifflin, in the FAO Schwartz building downtown). It's for a 5 month contract job, starting September 1. It's a production position, but it has math content, so it sounds pretty neat, and it also sounds like I'm pretty much the ideal candidate for what they're looking for. Basically, the job is doing something with XML (I'm not sure how much I'll be doing with XML) to code each page of some product of theirs for various things like math content, type of questions, layout things, etc. Then we send it off to "EP" (electronic production) and very carefully proof it when it comes back. It's repetitious, but I really dig that kind of repetition, sometimes. And I think there will be enough there to keep me interested for 5 months. Adding to the interest is the fact that this is something new that they're trying, and, if it works, they'll be trying it in other departments. So it's cool to be able to help figure this new thing out. Plus it's a production position, which might help me get a production job when I'm next looking. They said that they had committed to interviewing several more people, but that I could expect to hear from them within a week, with the very clear implication that I was going to be offered a job. It also helps that they are hiring two people for this, I think. But I felt good enough going out of there that I wouldn't be surprised if I got an offer even if there were only one position.

And I found out that I'm going to be asked to do solution keys for Prentice Hall as freelance work starting in late September. So, we'll see if I feel I have time for it.

So, just one of the many things that made yesterday a particularly good day. We'll see if I'm able to feel productive today and make this a good day, too.

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