Queue (queue) wrote,

Goodbye, job

Leaving in less than an hour.

All my work is done.

Played the last game of Boggle.

Got information about freelance opportunities. Sounds like I'll be doing solution keys near the end of September, if I still feel like doing stuff then.

Said goodbye to the really cool art buyer. She gave me her phone number, so that she and her husband and my wife and I could get together for dinner some time. And I got to hear more about what a good job I do, and how anyone would be a fool not to hire me for any position, regardless of experience. And an offer to write a recommendation.

I guess I'll make the rounds here, saying goodbye to people (well, some people).

Feels a lot different than I thought it would, since I've got an interview tomorrow. I'd thought I would just be completely free, and this feels like I'm busy now. It's like when the weekend hits and I have things I need to do right after work, it doesn't really feel like the weekend.

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