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Biting - Queue — LiveJournal
December 29th, 2007
07:57 pm


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I'm at my mom's for a few days. I made a phone call earlier where hrafn was in the background picking up the birds (for those who don't know, hrafn and I used to own (well, she still does) two conures (small parrots)). Pretty soon after that phone call, I fell asleep. My mom and sister are out shopping, and my mom called me, waking me up. The dream she woke me up from was one where I was taking care of the birds, and I kept trying to put them away in their cage, and they kept biting me and getting out of the cage. The dream morphed as dreams do, but the bird part remained pretty constant. In the part where I was woken up, I was a student in a classroom trying to answer a question about how books are qualitatively different from the same information presented on a website, all while the birds were biting my hands.


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