Queue (queue) wrote,

And more jobness

I found out that I got a message on my answering machine yesterday from a job that I had sent a resume to two weeks ago. It's a 5 month contract position starting August 15th (may have been "on or about", I forget). The title is "Mathematics Editorial Production Assistant." What I remember from the job description was that there were editorial bits, but there were also production bits. I got an email from their HR people yesterday, too, and the call from them the same day, so I'm thinking I might be near the top of the stack, which probably makes sense given my experience. They want an interview on Thursday afternoon, so I left a message (I didn't get the message until about 6:30) for the person to call my cell phone today, so hopefully we can set it up.

Yes, it's an educational publishing position. However, it's production work, and it even has production in the title. I lost the O'Reilly job because I didn't have production experience, so I think getting some production experience, even only a 5 month contract, is a good thing. Plus, it's only 5 months, so I shouldn't have too much time to get bored with it. My only concern is that I might losw out on an opportunity for the New England Journal of Medicine, but, realistically, I am much more likely to get this kind of position. I do have a sort of personal in at the Journal, but I dunno. Anyway, I think I'll take what I can get.

I was looking forward to a longer period of unemployment, but oh well. Having a steady income is a lot more reassuring for me, and I can just try to fit more productivity into my schedule even when working.

Heh, my badge at work has already been deactivated. I had to wait around for someone else to show up to let me in. Seems a little stupid to deactivate my badge today instead of tomorrow. Oh well. I wonder if this means that I get to keep it.

To do at work today:
Finish organizing my files, and show everything to someone here so that they can find things (this shouldn't take more than an hour or so).
Transfer any files on my computer that might be useful to people onto the server. Of course, the most useful ones are already on the server, so I'll scan and see what might be useful. (This should take something like 1/2 hour)

I'm not sure what else I'll do today, other than LJ and Jotto. We'll see if they come up with anything for me.
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