Queue (queue) wrote,


Since I've stayed at work this long, I might as well stay a little while longer. The roads look pretty bad, but Rt. 9 eastbound is moving at a crawl in front of the office, and that pretty much never happens at the end of the day. So I figure I'll wait for some of the other cars to get home, and maybe my commute will be slightly safer for having fewer cars on the road. Or something.

On the other hand, I am starting to get pretty hungry. If I stay at the office, that either means oatmeal (one oatmeal meal per day is enough, thank you) or stealing something from the fridge. Hmm. I guess I'll give it a little while longer and see how it goes.

Update I ended up leaving a little before 5, and I got home a little before 7:30. It was all really slow (average speed = 1.75 miles per hour), but the worst part was the last hill coming up to my house. Yikes. I had to gun it all the way to make some very slow progress. I got slightly stuck as I rounded the corner, but I pushed through it with only a little bit of rocking. I did end up getting through the big thing I wanted to get through, which is nice. Maybe I'll work from home tomorrow morning.
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