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Tarot Games

Back when I was playing Zarcana and Gnostica, I became interested in card games that use a tarot deck where each major arcana has a different power. For some reason, I've been thinking about this recently, and it took me a while to find Pace's Tournament of Queens (because I had forgotten the name and because it appears to no longer exist online except via the Wayback Machine), which was the first non-Looney game I ran across in this genre. So, anyway, here's a list so that it's easier to find the next time I'm interested in this. If anyone knows of any others, let me know.
  • Zarcana - My introduction to this genre.
  • Gnostica - The redesign of Zarcana, which I like a lot better (although not everyone agrees).
  • Tournament of Queens - Players are drag queens trying to win a beauty contest by influencing the judges. I played this several times quite a while ago. I don't remember a whole lot about the gameplay, but I do remember really liking it.
  • K.U.R.S. (Kemetic Unorthodox Rat Screw) - A variant of (Egyptian|Mongolian) (Rat|Rodent) (Screw|Fuck). I haven't played this yet, as I just now found it via the Invented Card Games page at pagat.com.
  • Wizards Grimoire - Another one found today via the Invented Card Games page. Each player has their own tarot deck, with all of the minor arcana plus their choice of six of the major arcana. It's a spell-combat game, where the major arcana represent special spell effects.
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