Queue (queue) wrote,

Penultimate Work Day

Not a great start to my penultimate work day. I finally decided I would do something about not being able to sleep at 2:45 this morning. So I took a bath, and then I fell asleep pretty shortly after that. And then I was woken up at 6. My stomach is feeling not in the mood for food, like it usually does when I'm sleep-deprived. I'm relatively awake, I guess, but I'm a little zoney. I'm not sure I'm going to make it to the Diesel today. Or, if I do, it will probably be to fall asleep on one of the couches. Of course, knowing me, I'll probably get sucked into a card game or something, which is fine, except that my crashing will happen at some later point. I don't think I have the capacity to play Boggle right now. Although I do seem to be typing okay, minimal number of errors. Either that or I'm just too tired to catch my errors.

I get to fold some origami cranes today. The designer I talked to said "anything in the reds or blues" for the model itself, and then a bright yellow for the piece of paper that's going to be folded and then laid flat, so that it can be photographed to show the angles that the folds make. The origami supplies at home have dwindled a bit. We don't have much single-sided paper in blue or red. So, I have some stripey pattern stuff, and I also have some double-sided stuff. That might work okay if I use one that has two shades of blue on the two sides, or something similar. The first one I made was pink, and it was with a larger piece of paper. We'll see how the others turn out. Since I have nothing to do besides fold origami cranes and organize my papers, I'll probably end up taking quite a bit of time to fold cranes today. And I still have tomorrow, too. Although, I'm sure someone will come up to me with something to do, so I'm not going to feel the need to go asking. And it might turn out that organizing of papers takes up the balance of the time, since I am not by nature an organized person.

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