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Weekend cooking

  • I made a savory bread pudding with rye bread, scallions, garlic, Anaheim peppers, and extra sharp cheddar. I haven't tried it yet, since I had dinner out last night, but I have high hopes.
  • I put whipping cream in a blender, whipped it, then added three plums. It tastes really nice. At the suggestion of my mother, I have two other plums cut up and in the freezer. When I'm ready to actually have this dessert, I will chuck the frozen plums in there and maybe some ginger or cinnamon and finish blending it. I'll probably do that tonight.
  • I sliced up some flank steak yesterday, and it's been marinating in the fridge with soy sauce, Worcestershire sauce, Frank's Red Hot Sauce, garlic, cayenne powder, crushed red pepper flakes, chili powder, pepper, curry powder, brown sugar, ginger powder, cinnamon, clove powder, allspice powder, and probably some ingredients I'm forgetting. The plan is to dry it in the oven after work today to make some beef jerky.
  • On Friday (I think it was Friday), I made some mashed potatoes. I put some scallions and garlic in some cream and butter on the stove at very low heat while the potatoes were boiling, then I mashed it all together with some salt and pepper. Yum. For breakfast on Sunday, I took some small leftover strips of the flank steak, fried them in some olive oil with some pepper and crushed red pepper flakes, and then plopped some of the mashed potatoes on top. That was a really nice breakfast.
I switched my Boston Organics box over to all vegetables. I still have some Boston Organics things to process (notably an acorn squash), but I cleaned out some of the older stuff from my fridge yesterday. I'm going to try to get better about either using or getting rid of everything. I saw a vegetable list on someone's fridge, and I think that's a good idea, so that I'm aware of what vegetables I have instead of having them hidden behind lots of other things in the fridge.
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