Queue (queue) wrote,

Recent cooking

  • Spicy cauliflower with pasta. This was a modification of a recipe from a Boston Organics weekly newsletter. Cauliflower browned in a skillet, then lots of sliced garlic added. Mixed with pasta, some pasta water, some butter, some cheese, and some cayenne. Maybe some salt, too. Yum.
  • Butternut squash baked dessert. Another modified Boston Organics recipe. Steamed butternut squash, mashed with brown sugar, butter, and cinnamon, topped with walnut pieces, then baked for half an hour. A very nice dessert.
  • Pasta dish with kale. I don't think I've ever cooked with kale before, so this was an experiment. I wilted the kale, then I chopped it up and mixed it in a bowl with red bell pepper, garlic, and jalapeno. I was considering adding a little mayonnaise and eating it as a salad, but theora suggested throwing it in a pan with some olive oil for a bit and then putting it over pasta, so that's what I did (I used gemelli, which turned out to be a really good choice). Mixed with salt, pepper, cayenne, balsamic vinegar, and butter (for the pasta). This was lunch at work today. I had intended to bring in some Parmesan cheese, but I forgot. It was still really tasty without the cheese. I shared it with my bosses, and they seemed to like it, as well.

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