Queue (queue) wrote,

Good weekend

I managed to get in a decent amount of productive stuff, even amid a decent amount of socializing.

Dinner and games Friday night.

BBQ Saturday.

Shopping and games Sunday.

Productive stuff:
Deleting or appropriately filing over 200 emails from my inbox.
Adding to my web pages.
My Jotto word program.
Getting some actual work done on the Compendium.

I actually am mostly done with the Compendium. There's a couple more things to write up, and another web page to at least start so that I can have the Compendium point at that. I figure I might get a little done today, but the bulk will get done on Thursday, which is my target date for getting this out. I'll be newly unemployed, so it should be pretty easy to get up early and start working on it a bunch.

Hmm, I haven't thought about celebrating. I guess it's something to celebrate, being done with work. I don't know of anything in particular going on Wednesday night. Maybe just a quiet evening at home. Hmm. Will have to think more about that.

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