Queue (queue) wrote,

Third-shift proofreader?

This is kind of a weird job ad:
Digital Publishing Solutions, Inc., is a document services provider dedicated to advancing automated and cost-effective document solutions. We've established the most advanced and largest desktop publishing and EDGAR conversion trade facility in the U.S., and have earned the business of many of the nation's top financial printers and mutual fund companies.

Our team is composed of the most experienced and proficient staff in the industry. We are specialists in creating prospectuses, annual/semiannual reports and time-sensitive compliance documents.

Currently, we're seeking an experienced proofreader to join our third shift in Charlestown. If you prefer working nights, can work as part of a team, enjoy a fast-paced environment and are able to work overtime through busy periods, we'd like to meet with you.
The only reason I can imagine that you'd be proofreading third shift is that you are proofreading material that is produced that day by other people in the company. "Fast-paced," indeed. I can imagine that being exciting for a while, but I imagine there must be a lot of burnout.
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