Queue (queue) wrote,

One, two, three

So, I learned a new game last night, but I haven't actually gotten a chance to play it yet. It was a lot of fun to watch, and I think it might be more fun to play spectated.

It's called One, Two, Three. It's for two people (it can be adapted for more). Each person thinks of a word. When they're ready, they both say "One, two, three, ." If they say the same word, the game is over, and they have both won. If they say different words, then they each come up with another word, based somehow on a combination of the previous two words.

For example, if I said "cherry" at the same time you said "vanilla", I might say "Coke" next, and you might say "ice cream" (short phrases appear to be okay, as long as they are referring to one thing). Oh, also, you cannot repeat something, or have something that has too much overlap. So you could not have said "Cherry Garcia" next (although you could have said "Jerry Garcia"). The great thing is that there's no wrong answers, it's just whatever the two words make you think of.

Probably fairly easy to play over email. Might be fun and interesting to feed a bunch of word associations to a computer so that it could take a stab at playing this game.

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