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I'll have to start remembering to adjust the time on these, since my computer clock is slow. And it's not predictably slow, either. It just keeps slowly losing time. Wish I knew how to fix it, or what was causing it. I wonder if there's a way to have it grab the time from some time server rather than just get it from my computer.

So, anyway, it's 5:20. I didn't get to bed until sometime after midnight. Spent some time reading someone's lj and writing a long email that I'm going to worry about all day. I guess I'll just grab some soy milk to drink as breakfast and head off to work early, since I have to leave early to pick Dway up from the airport. I dropped her off on Thursday for a visit with some friends in Cincinatti (I have no idea how to spell that name). It'll be nice to get off work early, see her, and go hang out with her for most of the day. With as little sleep as I got, I'll probably end up napping, like I often do when I'm there.

I might actually be able to finish what I'm working on today at work, be done with glossaries for a while. My boss says she has more stuff for me, which I hope won't take me forever, because I'm supposed to move onto the middle school book come Monday. It'll really be nice to get in on the beginning of a book, since I've been working on finishing up the high school book since I started in July. And to actually get my own chapters to work on, instead of just doing endmatter and other leftover bits.

Had some interesting dreams last night, but they're just beyond my grasp now. I might have to start just getting up immediately and coming to the computer to write down dreams.

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