Queue (queue) wrote,

House stuff

I bought a new mattress (queen) to be delivered to the new place. I'm going to be getting rid of my current mattress (king, 12 years old). I'm hoping that someone somewhere will want it for free and will be willing to haul it out of here. Does anyone reading this want my old mattress? If not, I'll offer it in the usual places.

Then an unexpected visit got me to do a bit of packing, and I even managed to move some boxes to the new place. I also moved one of my folding tables and four of my folding chairs. Maybe I should have a housewarming party before I officially move in?

Still haven't decided when I'm going to move. It will certainly be after SIGGRAPH (August 6-9 in San Diego). Maybe the weekend of the 18th if I can get my act together (and if van borrowage can happen). I guess it's either that weekend or the following weekend. We'll see.
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