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24 November 2004, 1600, Boston - Queue — LiveJournal
July 20th, 2007
10:03 pm


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24 November 2004, 1600, Boston
Left work at 2:30. An hour and a half later and I've T'd to the airport, checked in (they had no name tags left, so my bags are without name tags. I'm pretty paranoid about my bags in general, so I'm sure it'll be fine), gotten through security (when I asked them to hand check my film, they asked what speed it was. I said it was 400, they said it would be OK, I asked if they could hand check it anyway, and they did, after only a slight pause), eaten (a chef's salad and an orange-mango juice from Au Bon Pain), and gone to the bathroom (sorry, no exciting details to report on that one). Almost 4 hours until boarding starts, so I'm glad I brought a couple of books. I also have the guide book, but I'm afraid that reading that would just make me nervous about the trip again, so I think I'll leave that for now.

I was disappointed that the person checking me in was American and not Icelandic. I was hoping to at least start hearing Icelandic accents. I guess that will have to wait until the flight. I'm going to try to focus on listening to people talk when I'm in Reykjavìk, so that I will be motivated to spend time learning Icelandic when I return.

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