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Our internet access had been out of whack since yesterday night some time, but, with direction from our sys admin/landlord, I was able to fix it. It was the very complicated procedure of turning off the firewall and turning it back on. Be impressed with my mastery of all things technical.

I also finally managed to call my insurance company about the accident I was in on Monday. If you've never been in an accident, it's a whole lot of fun. I told one person some stuff, and then I got on the phone with the claims adjuster who recorded my statement about the accident and asked me all sorts of questions for the recording. It was actually pretty fun, and I thought I did extremely well with my answers, was very clear, etc. I was almost disappointed when the adjuster didn't compliment me on the excellent job I did when we got done with the recording.'

Date night with Kit tonight. We're playing a game of Kevin's Twisted Jotto, allowing it to stretch for a while, so there's no time pressure to come up with a word. We started a game of it today over email at work, and Kit enjoyed having all that time, which is why I think she agreed to play it in person tonight. If anyone else in my vast audience is interested in a friendly slow-paced game of email Kevin's Twisted Jotto, or even just Jotto, let me know. I posted rules to the game somewhere in one of my first journal entries.

Kit is making dinner tonight, some kind of chicken thing, and I can smell it all the way from the computer here. Mmmmmm. A nice quiet night at home followed by sleeping in tomorrow, since I'm not going in to work. I'm taking some of the tmie I built up last week and then doing some work over the weekend and not going in tomorrow. Making breakfast for a friend at 10 tomorrow, and then a fairly busy weekend this weekend again. No trips to New York for breaking and entering, though . . . at least none that I've been told about yet.

prog sent a picture that he took at the last Mostly Looney Games Night, and I cropped and resized it to use as my new default picture here on LJ. And, as soon as I get another picture from another friend, one where I look fairly evil, especially compared to an innocent looking person next to me, I'll probably put that as another picture on here. Whee, look at my technical prowess yet again: I can resize pictures.
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