Queue (queue) wrote,

This weekend

I went and saw About a Boy on Friday, and I had a realy good time. Good movie and good company. Then I was kidnapped for a Staples run.

On Saturday, I went to ArtBeat. I wandered around a bit and then did my stint at the Art Cafe. People came in and ordered something, and then the artists made it on paper plates while the customers drew money. I wrote poems for this. I'll probably post some of them here, or maybe just wait for the compendium to come out.

Speaking of the compendium, I was going to work on that today, but I haven't yet. I started the morning finishing Vanilla Sky, which I had started last night. It was not what I expected at all from the previews, but it was really neat. That reminds me, I need to go return movies. Good thing we have a video store literally half a block a way at the end of the hill. I also spent some time this morning finishing up proofreading for New Genre #3, which I had started a bit on Friday and done some more of on Saturday. I originally planned on having it back to them by Saturday, but I found out that the other proofreaders couldn't get to it for a while, so there wasn't a huge rush for me. I'm going to try to drop it off today when I'm in the area. I should give them a call.

And I also spent some time napping today, being too hot under the blankets. Anyway, I'm not in the right headspace to start in on the comendium, but, actually, this journal entry is getting me closer to there. When I woke up from my nap, there was music playing on the main floor of the house, and that was kind of jarring and not conducive to a compendium mood for me. When I'm creative, it's usually quiet around. Which is why it was so hard at first for me to start writing poetry yesterday, since it was in public and there were lots of people around. Also, I didn't want anyone wandering up and looking at a work in progress, so I was kind of nervous about that. I did eventually get into the flow. Maybe I should try to force myself to get used to being creative in all sorts of different circumstances, so that I have one fewer excuse for not creating.

So, I think maybe a walk to the video store, then maybe see about playing a short game, then maybe work on the compendium. I think I'll start by scouring my journal for this month to see what I can pull from it, and then I'll need to spend some time thinking about what exactly I want for a format. Maybe I'll just sort of slap everything up there and let a format suggest itself, or let other people make suggestions for the second compendium.

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