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[Running, 1.9 miles]

I've got a race one week from today, so I figured that I'd better start running, especially since I've got $100 riding on it with my sister. I'm pretty sure that she's gotten faster since last year, when I beat her by 14 seconds in a 3.5-mile race. The one on Saturday is a 5K, which is more what I'm used to (well, for some value of "used to").

I ran a nice route today, and I'm happy that I managed to run so far on my first run. It helped that I was running a loop, so that I'd have to travel the distance back home anyway. I found myself setting little goals, telling myself that I'd at least run to the blinking light, then at least to the start of the trail, then at least to the end of the trail, and by the time I got to the end of the trail, I was close enough to home that I forced myself to run all the way back home.

I decided not to take my watch because I didn't want to have extra things on me (I also realized that I could take my spare house keys and stick them in the little inside pocket of my running shorts, so I didn't have to carry anything, which was really nice), but I'm pretty sure I ran it in less than half an hour.

I'm going to try to run every morning this week. There's certainly no excuse for not doing it at least tomorrow and Monday, since those are days off (yes, I'm actually planning to not work the whole weekend; we'll see how that works out), and then I hope that I'll build some momentum to carry me through the rest of the week. And then maybe after the race I'll finally start going to the gym I signed up for two months ago.
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