Queue (queue) wrote,

New Genre

Picked up a copy of the proof for New Genre #3 yesterday. It's the issue that I helped proofread/edit. It's pretty neat to see it in a professional-looking format after having gotten intimately familiar with these stories as random printouts.

I'm supposed to proofread the front matter, end matter, and editors' essays, which haven't been looked at before. Then a quick look at the rest of it to see if anything jumps out at me, like missing punctuation or things like that. I was going to spend a decent amount of time on it last night, but I was just too tired. I did manage a start, though. And I should have a little bit of time this afternoon, and then quite a bit of time this evening. Then maybe finish it up in the morning and drop it off. They want it done as soon as possible, since, as soon as this is done, it should be only two weeks until the magazine comes out. Yay.

Oh, and I'm listed under "Intern" and not "Proofreader", which is pretty cool. I really hope to stick with this long-term and have a bigger role. Of course, Adam and Jeff are never going to give up any editorial things. Although, I wonder if, at some point, they start getting huge numbers of submissions they might let me do some reading of submissions, which would be cool. Anyway, I'm having fun with this. What really needs to happen is for New Genre to become so successful that they can afford to start paying people.

So, everyone go out and buy a copy when it hits the shelves :-) Their web page lists all of the stores they're at (http://www.ngenre.com). Locally, they're at Pandemonium, Tower Records in Harvard Square, Million Year Picnic, and Flyrabbit, and I think that's all. Whee.

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