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Three Quarters - Queue — LiveJournal
May 7th, 2007
05:40 pm


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Three Quarters
A while ago, I had a dream where I had to park, and it was somehow a matter of life or death that I had quarters to put in a parking meter. Three quarters, to be precise. So, that morning, and just about every morning since then, I've put three quarters in my pocket before heading out for the day. I'm not known for being superstitious, but it's just something that feels right.

Well, I got to work this morning and realized that I had forgotten my quarters. After lunch, I got some animal crackers from the vending machine, and got a quarter (along with a dime) in change. And then a bit later, one of my co-workers bought a candy bar from me (I bought a bunch a while ago so that I wouldn't have to pay vending-machine prices, and I decided to make them available to my co-workers for a bit more than I paid for them and a bit less than the cost in the vending machine), giving me another two quarters. And so now I have three quarters again.

If I had any doubts about whether I was meant to be carrying three quarters, they are now gone.

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