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Cleaning Up - Queue — LiveJournal
February 19th, 2007
01:21 pm


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Cleaning Up
On Saturday, I found out that I had missed an email from someone due to it falling in with all the other spam I get on my regular mail account. I decided that I should probably start using Gmail as my primary email. And while poking around Gmail, I discovered that it can access POP mail accounts. So, every one of the 3000+ emails that had been sitting in my inbox has now been labeled and archived on Gmail or deleted. I currently have an empty inbox.

Previously, I had used Netscape to read my email, and it had folders and whatnot, and I was fairly good about doing that. Then at some point I stopped using it and have just been reading my email with Pine, without the ability to use the folders that Netscape had set up, so I've been living out of my inbox, so to speak, for quite a while now. I still have the problem of how to grab those Netscape folders into Gmail, but I'll worry about that some other time.

Now to get back to work (yes, it's a holiday).

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