Queue (queue) wrote,

When Did I Last Use My Oven?

Back in August, I made some gingerbread men to take to tefler's birthday party to be played with the game that rhysara had gotten him as a gift. After making the men, I had some dough scraps left over, so I combined them into a giant gingerbread cookie. I baked that in the oven, not sure exactly how long it should take. I got it to a decent point, then shut the oven off so that it could finish baking as the oven cooled.

Fast forward to last night.

I decided that I should start making food again, so I made lasagna. Since I don't do well with cow cheese, I decided to use goat cheese. So, pasta sauce, no-bake noodles, goat cheese, eggs, spinach, and Italian seasoning. Not the world's best lasagna, but it's good. I had some for dinner, and then some for lunch today, and I'm sure I will be eating it the rest of the week.

Before turning the oven on to cook the lasagna, I opened it to make sure nothing was in there. Guess what I found? The gingerbread cookie didn't have nearly as much mold on it as I would have thought; I guess the oven must be pretty dry. I should have taken pictures but didn't think about it until the cookie was already in the trash.

So, anyway, I'm definitely going to start cooking and baking more again. And I really hope to get my house in shape so that I can start entertaining, too. I think I'll probably need to get a couch or futon for the living room if I want to do that, though, as currently the only places for people to sit are at the kitchen table or in the recliner in the living room.
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