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Concert - Queue — LiveJournal
November 28th, 2006
05:46 pm


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The concert last night was extremely fun. There were two opening acts, Elizabeth and the Catapult and Boston Typewriter Orchestra. Elizabeth and the Catapult is an band from New York, and they were a lot of fun. The singer and keyboardist (Elizabeth) sounded a bit like the singer form Concrete Blonde, I thought. After I remarked on that similarity, she did a cover of "Everybody Knows". The song is by Leonard Cohen, but the version I'm most familiar with is by Concrete Blonde. It was kind of a nice affirmation.

Boston Typewriter Orchestra is exactly what it sounds like. They were a lot of fun, but they should have gone first, as people were getting a bit restless by the time they got on. Also, it's a nice gag, but I'm not sure how well it works as a 20-minute set.

rhysara had to get a CD from each of them ($5 each) to put on her iPod.

And then, of course, Amanda Palmer was fucking amazing. Even though she was starting to lose her voice, her voice still left me in awe. And she puts on an excellent show. I ended up buying the first Dresden Dolls CD, since I didn't have a copy. Whee!

I need to get out to see more live music. It was surprisingly easy to get down to the Paradise at that time and find metered parking. I guess the trick is to get there just before 6:00 when the meters turn off.

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