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Today is so not a work day. The one thing I have to do will take me something like 15 minutes of actual work, but it will take a decent amount of figuring out the best way to do. Of course, I could just slap it together just to get it out there. It's only the first edit of it anyway, and I'm probably not going to improve it that much by thinking about it more anyway. The biggest pain is just coming up with some worthwhile problems for this one page. I only have to come up with two more, but these have to be problems where the student is told "justify your steps," and I can't repeat what I already have, and I only have a limited number of lessons to choose problems from (this is in a feature page after the 4th lesson of the chapter), and I've only found a good way to really use these types of problems from the 4th lesson. So, I'll either skirt the edge of repetition by using the 4th lesson for the other two problems, or I'll have to come up with some creative way to use some of the other lessons for these problems. So I think I'll be doing a lot of nothing today, giving my brain time to think about it in the background, or at least time to approach it with a fresh perspective.

So, I'm off to check my friendsfriends page. Unless comments come in today for the chapter I'm working on, I might see about taking a personal or vacation day tomorrow. It'll make more sense to take some time this week when it's slow than to try to use my time up when there's going to eb a lot more going on.

I'm really looking forward to being unemployed. I'm sure I'll go through the stage where I wonder if I've made the right decision, but, for now, I'm just enjoying this stage of it.

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