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So I gave the resignation letter to Big Boss. He thanked me for staying longer than I had intended. I took a copy of the letter to HR. The main HR person is out for the week, and I guess she'll be the one to talk to me about an exit interview and such. I also need to remember to ask for a letter form them which says when my insurance coverage will end, so that we can switch to hrafn's insurance.

I told Big Boss that, depending on what's going on with my chapter, I may want to take some terminal leave. I think I might give up some of that in order to leave Chapter 7 in decent shape, since I don't want to leave any hard feelings here. I at least would like to take the last 3 days of July off, though.

So, whee, I'll offcially be unemployed August 1. Quite an auspicious day.

I really need to start some of the projects that I've been thinking about starting. If I wait until I'm unemployed to start them, I might not actually start them. I've been thinking of a couple of things. One is rewriting game rules. I conjunction with that, I've been thinking about possibly starting a monthly online journal dedicated to rewriting game rules. In the beginning, it would probably just be one game where I rewrote the rules and then had people play with those rules and report on how it went. Could maybe expand it to accepting submissions for rules rewrites from other people.

Another thing I've been thinking of is monthly online journal detailing all of the creative things I have done the previous month. It would be something with a deadline, but it would also be non-specific enough for me to possibly stay interested in it. For example, I'm interested in the rules rewriting stuff now, but I might not stay interested in it for all that long, if past performance is any indication. We'll see, though. I think I'm going to set Friday as the deadline for deciding which of these two things I'm going to focus on first, and then actually getting started on one of them.

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