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I voted for the first time. My polling place is a short walk from my house, so I walked over. I gave my street name, my street number, then my name, and then they handed me a ballot. I walked over to a little booth thing with it. The ballot has arrow heads and tails with the inside missing, and you take the little marker they have and you connect the head and the tail of the arrow next to the candidate you want to vote for. I voted for senator and governor, and I also voted on the three statewide ballot questions. When I was done, I walked over to another table, where they again asked me for my street name, my street number, and then my name. Then I took the ballot and put it into a machine that sucked it in, sort of like a vending machine that takes dollar bills. There was a little beep as it went in, and the counter incremented. I voted at 9:00, and my ballot was the 164th one put into that machine. Does anyone know where I can find out how many people are registered to vote at my particular polling place?

I think that for the next election, I will spend a little more time researching more candidates.

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