Queue (queue) wrote,

Picked up my car on Friday, with assistance from rhysara. We stopped at IKEA on the way home (my first trip to any IKEA, I think), and I picked up some shelves that will fit in the two narrow areas in my kitchen. I can now put all of my pantry stuff on those shelves (I just need to find some time to do it). Most of the rest of the weekend was very lazy, due to rhysara not feeling well. Some more driving this weekend, and I am approaching 200 miles on my car. I'm supposed to give the engine time to break in, so I'm not supposed to go over 4,000 RPMs or floor the accelerator or drive at high speeds for an extended period of time in the first 1200 miles. I plan on driving to Ontario for a conference in two weeks, but it's quite possible that I'll have 1200 miles on the car by then.

It's very nice having a car. I can just pop over to a store any time I want, and it's not any kind of big production. Here's hoping the car stays in good health for a while.

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