Queue (queue) wrote,

Cow Parade Auction

Got home late from the auction and then up early, so I'm pretty tired. I'm really ready for this week to be over. So, here's a list of all of the cow auction prices above $10,000. I have them all written down, but I just don't feel like transcribing it all (plus I can't really take the time away from work). Note that there were only 50-some cows at the live auction. The rest are currently being auctioned online (I trust that you can google for it if you're interested).

Make Way for Calflings - $50,000
COW! - $25,000
Cow Tucket - $16,000
Bonnie Cow - $15,000
Curse Reversed - $13,500
Fanny, the Fenway Cow - $13,000

P.S. I get to pick up my car today. Vroooooom!

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