Queue (queue) wrote,


So, I contacted a dealership about a test drive for a 2007 Nissan Versa (it's the first year they have this model, so no chance of a used car). And I've filled out an online application for a loan through my credit union, but I think I made a mistake on it, plus their drop-down menu didn't let me select 2007 as the model year, so I guess I'll have to talk to them when they contact me. Once I decide that I really want that car, I guess the next step is to get insurance on it.

I've never bought a new car before, or even a relatively new car. I hope I don't screw something up. But I really do need a car, both because I plan on driving to visit rhysara on a semi-regular basis and because it would be nice to see all my other friends on occasion without having to rely on the stupid schedule of the commuter rail (which generally makes it so that I don't have the motivation to go anywhere) and without forcing them to come to Wellesley.
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