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I am officially moved off of the high school project and am now on the middle school project. I was told that, sometime this week, it's still possible that I might be needed for a few hours for high school stuff, but that there will be a new hire coming on next week, and that person can be the, and I quote Boss Lady, "Algebra 1 slave." I asked about Algebra 2 stuff that would be coming in at some point, further stages of proof of things I had worked on earlier, and she said that the Algebra 2 guy would "have his own slaves."

So, it looks like I'm firmly on the project. I'm working on the "final edit" of the sample chapter for the 7th grade book. It's called the final edit since it's the last edit where we actually make changes to the file in Word. After that, it gets dumped into Quark, and any changes I make are in purple pencil on 11x17 color proofs of the Quark files.

I'm going to a layout meeting on Thursday, which is where we look at all the technical art in the chapter (tables, graphs, other things) and decide which of it can be replaced with creative art, and where we can place photos, and stuff like that. So, I need to look through the chapter and think about opportunities for that before the meeting. After the layout meeting is when the real work begins. I will read comments on the chapter from 5 or 6 different people and decide what actually needs changing. I will have a lot of control over what this chapter looks like, as I get to ignore people's comments if I want. Of course, some people's comments have a bit more weight, like the head of the department. So, anyway, different kind of work than what I've done here before, so that'll be good. And, at least this week while I'm still just looking at comments and stuff, I can actually just take my work home with me Thursday night and work from home on Friday, which is exactly what I'm planning on doing. Although, realistically, I won't get any work done until Sunday, or possibly early Friday morning. However, I worked an extra half day last week, so I can just work a half day Friday this week. One of the nice things about getting in early in the day is that I can work some extra hours if I decide to and not be home terrbily late. And only having a 35-hour work week helps, too.

Speaking of work, I should probably get to it.

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