Queue (queue) wrote,

Great Weekend

I spent Saturday and Sunday at Newfound Lake in New Hampshire with rhysara and her mother (nhmagpie). What a wonderful, relaxing weekend!

We played lots of games. Ingenious, Landlord, Category 5, Set, Settlers of Catan (with the neighbors), and I'm sure there are a few more I'm forgetting. rhysara and I played a lot of two-player games, and we generally played two games of each of them. We each one one of the games, except for Category 5, where rhysara won both. My sense of symmetry still hasn't recovered.

I went kayaking for the first (and second) time. The wind was really going on Saturday, so the water was quite choppy when we went out. I got two very nice lapfuls of water after about the first two minutes, so it was a soggy ride. We did 1.1 miles, just out a bit and then back. I learned after we were most of the way back that I had been holding my paddle upside down the whole way. I also discovered that it is much easier to steer when you're going against the waves than with the waves. On the way back to shore, my path zigzagged across rhysara's straight path. We went out again Sunday morning before brunch, another 1.3 miles. This time the lake was a lot calmer, plus I had a little bit of experience under my belt, plus I was holding the paddle the right way, so it was a bit easier. Of course, I started off the ride by flipping myself trying to get into the kayak, thus ensuring another soggy ride. For the first ride, rhysara had decided to be nice and let me get in when my kayak was pretty much on the shore and then launch me. For the second ride, she had me get myself into the kayak, and of course she didn't give me any instructions (until after I had already fallen in). And then, of course, all she could do was laugh when I flipped into the water.

It was quite windy both days, and I could have just sat and listened to the breeze in the trees all day long. All week, for that matter. rhysara and nhmagpie are up there for rest of this week, and I'm extremely jealous. Being up there got me thinking again about my occasional thoughts of living the life of a freelancer. I could do things like stay at a lakeside cottage all summer (assuming I could afford it), only working when I wanted to. Sometimes I think that would be really great. My current job is certainly rewarding, but man can it be draining. I guess I'll see if and how I manage to get myself organized and move into this editorial job. I've got a lot of stuff to do post-SIGGRAPH, and I really hope that I can feel mostly on top of things within a couple of months. There's also the question of how I balance my work life with my non-work life, which has become slightly more interesting recently.
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