Queue (queue) wrote,

The Battle for Wesnoth

After my last post about turn-based strategy games, I decided to google for some. I found the Wikipedia page on turn-based strategy games, and it mentioned The Battle for Wesnoth. It's an open-source turn-based strategy game (which is a pretty cool idea, I think), and it's a lot of fun. In the Heroes of Might and Magic series, you pretty much just have to wait until you acquire enough strength and then wipe the computer out. The The Battle for Wesnoth, however, is a lot more strategic. All of the campaign scenarios I've played so far have a time limit, and some of them are really cleverly designed to make you come up with unconventional strategies in order to win the scenario. All this plus I can play it on my laptop.

Of course, the problem is that I can spend way too much time playing it. Like I did last night. I didn't get to sleep until close to 3 last night, which left me with less than 5 hours of sleep. Not the smartest thing going into these conventions. I think I'll be able to get to bed early tonight, which is good. I did manage to stop after a reasonable time one night earlier this week, but that was because I set an alarm for myself. I think I'll have to do that every time I play (at least on school nights).
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