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Home again, home again, jiggity jig. I'm pretty wiped. Napped a bit today, and I think I'm probably done napping, and I'll just get to bed early tonight. Not a terribly demanding day tomorrow at work, I don't think, since all I have to is look at my chapter and come up with ideas for the layout meeting (ideas for photos and "creative art"), and then actually go to the layout meeting from 1-3. Layout meetings are actually okay, since they're active meetings and you get to start getting an idea for how the chapter is going to start looking.

I'm still torn as to what to do about the job. I mean, now that this stupid chapter is out fo first edit, I can actually start doing things that I don't mind as much. I'll be doing the final edit of it once reviewers and solvers have a chance to look at it and give feedback, and a final edit is something that I think I can do better than a first edit, having done one of each. And in the next couple of weeks, I'm sure I can be put on some smallish projects, which are usually nice because of their smallishness. And, after the final edit for Chapter 7 is done, there are annos (annotation (answer) manuscripts) to do, later proof stages to check, and all sorts of things like that. I mean, it shouldn't be bad, I guess.

However, I really don't want to be editing math textbooks forever, and I'd much rather be doing some form of copyediting/proofreading. Well, what I'd really like to be doing is editing fiction, like I did at New Genre, but I don't think I can find a paying job doing that around here.

I also don't like being essentially a temp there, not really feeling like a part of the staff. Plus I don't like working with Boss Lady. And some of the other people there are incompetent, which is occasionally frustrating, especially when I have to work with them, or when I get asked what a sentence is.

On the other hand, the money is pretty decent. And, knowing that I want to quit, they've made noises about giving me more money, so we could really build up a nice bit of savings, which would make me feel extremely comfortable and which might make me feel more like I could not work at some later point. Of course, I'm sure I'll always worry about not having enough money, no matter how much money I end up having. It's just what I was brought up with, always being told that we didn't have enough money for whatever.

One of the plusses of being unemployed for a while is that I could use that time to start focusing on writing. At Origins, I started thinking about trying to take up writing rules for games. I wonder if there's possibly a market for me to help small game companies write rules for their games. I will definitely work some more on the rules for my own game, Martian Bubbles (which I managed to actually playtest at Origins. Turns out that attacking isn't much of a factor, or we just weren't doing it correctly. May take some more practice, or maybe the game needs a little more tweaking to come up with something to make it a bit more competitive), and I think I'll try to rewrite the rules to some games that I own. The one tha I can think of right away that's just beggnig to be rewritten is Lunch Money. It's a fun game, but the rules are really confusing.

So, I could spend unemployed time working on various writing things. Of course, previous time that I've had where I was unemployed wasn't spent very productively. Of course, that hasn't happened very much, and it was quite a while ago. I've changed a lot since then, so I might be able to motivate myself enough to actually be productive this time.

Of course, trying to think about all of this when I'm tired and just back from a trip maybe isn't the best thing. I think I'll go take a bath now.

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