Queue (queue) wrote,

God Hates Figs

Or at least the one in Wellesley.

I was picking up a pizza last night, and I overheard one of the staff talking with some customers. Apparently, the Wellesley location has been sold and will be closing in September. That really sucks, as I was enjoying having good food so close. A few times now I've picked up a pizza and taken it home to eat while watching a DVD. I guess I'll have to start trying the takeout from some of the other local places (other than Blue Ginger, which is way too expensive to do other than as a once-in-a-while treat).
In other news, I'm feeling better than I did the last time I posted. I got some stuff done at work on Friday. I still don't know how I'm going to deal with everything, but it's at least not bothering me right now.

I was out driving in the storm Friday to visit my sister in Medford, and that was pretty exciting. I have my bosses' car for the weekend, so I've also been doing trips to the old place to get stuff out of it. I need to be out by a week from Monday, but I'm going to be busy with work stuff starting on Friday. I'll be at the Sandbox Symposium (a two-day gaming conference being held in conjunction with SIGGRAPH) on Saturday and Sunday, with setup happening Friday after work, and then Monday will be full of SIGGRAPH setup. I guess I should try to get most of the stuff out of there today, since I have the car. I have a car full of stuff right now (I'm at the office, since I don't have Internet access at home, yet), so I guess I should go unload it and then do at least one more load. That should get most of the stuff out of there, and then I can clean up during the week.

My mom is coming into town the weekend after SIGGRAPH and is going to help me get things organized. I think I will make it a goal to have all of the books unpacked and put onto bookshelves by the time she gets there. Not a very big goal, but I'm going for attainable.

I've been playing Guardians of Kelthas after work and on weekends. It's a game I found out about at FuturePlay last year, but I haven't been able to run it because my laptop isn't powerful enough. My new work computer, however, is. The basic idea is a collectible card game with no physical component. Because it's entirely digital, they can do interesting things like have the cards level up over time, or have cards with random abilities, or have cards that appear as something else to the other player. It's still in beta, and it crashes occasionally, but it's pretty fun. I hope this makes it, because I think it would be fun to play in a campaign setting instead of the one-off matches in the beta version. Of course, as a former recovering Magic: The Gathering addict, maybe I should be careful.

I ordered Heroes of Might and Magic V the other day, so that should be arriving early next week. It's apparently not anything innovative other than being in 3D; however, I really like the whole Heroes franchise, so I'm happy with just more of the same with a few tweaks. I really think there should be more turn-based strategy games. Does anyone know of any other good ones? I suppose there's always Civilization, but I don't know if I could get into that. I would totally pay for something made with the HOMM engine but with different content. I think the Chronicles series they did was a great idea. Too bad 3DO isn't around any more. I hope the company that now has the HOMM rights, Nival Entertainment, does some interesting things with the series.

Speaking of games, does anyone have any newish PC games to recommend to me? Since part of my job is acquiring books about games, I figure I should be playing more games. And maybe I'll actually get a Wii when it comes out so that I'm not left out on some of the games that only come out on the consoles.
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