Queue (queue) wrote,

I sold a book today to someone with the last name of Plotkin. I asked if he was related to a Plotkin I know, and he said that he wasn't, but that he knows of that Plotkin, as he gets asked that a lot. And there's apparently another Plotkin he has no relation to but gets asked about a lot as well.
We did end up getting lobster for dinner. And there was also clam chowder.
The exhibitor list for AAAI is apparently different from the sponsorship list. I see that there will be several other book publishers there.
Tim Berners-Lee is giving the keynote at AAAI. I'm thinking maybe I should try to read up on the Semantic Web before Tuesday. We have a book called Developing Semantic Web Services, so I should probably pick that up and at least browse it when I get back to town.
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