Queue (queue) wrote,

Dartmouth, Day 2

Today was pretty interesting, too. The highlights included Rod Brooks and Ray Kurzweil for star power, but I really enjoyed Eugene Charniak's talk about how natural-language processing has become statistical natural-language processing. Book sales were brisk. Sitting waiting for dinner now. They've got what look like those things for cracking open lobsters sitting on some tables, so I think we might be getting lobster for dinner tonight. But maybe we're just getting nuts.

Yesterday, one of the speakers asked me about the AAAI conference, which happens to be in Boston next week. We don't usually go to that conference, but I asked our marketing director about it. It turns out that David Levy, author of our book Robots Unlimited, had asked about us being there, too, and apparently my asking about it was enough to tip the scale. So it turns out I'm going to that conference next week, from Tuesday to Thursday for the exhibit. I figure that since I've sold so well here, I should be abe to sell at least as well there, although I won't be the only exhibitor at AAAI, as I am at this conference. However, the sponsor list on the AAAI website doesn't list any other book publishers, so it's possible I might be the only one with books there (it's also possible that there are exhibitors that are not listed as sponsors).

So, counting my one day at SIAM, that will be my third conference in July, and then there's SIGGRAPH the first week of August. It'll be weird to be back from SIGGRAPH and then have to actually sit down and work a full week, and a full week at my new editorial job, which is a lot more amorphous than my production job was.

I hope they feed us relatively soon. The schedule lists "reception and dinner" at 5:00, and a presentation by some guys from DARPA at 7:00. However, as it's 6:15 and dinner hasn't started, I fear that dinner isn't actually going to be until after the presentation. Oh well. It's not like I have much to do, anyway.
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