Queue (queue) wrote,

Back at work today. I was technically working yesterday, but I spent the day staffing our booth at a conference downtown, so that's not quite the same thing. I came back and had to deal with a contract negotiation, which isn't very much fun. But I got to see my new desk arrive today for my new office. I also have the new monitor, but the new computer isn't showing up until tomorrow. So tomorrow is when I'll move everything over to the new office and actually start working from there. Then tomorrow night I'm driving up to Hanover, NH, for a conference, and I'll be coming back Saturday evening. It could actually be a really exciting conference, although I'm not sure how much I'll get to do other than sit behind a table selling books. I'm reading our book Machines Who Think in preparation for the conference.

I moved on Saturday, and now I've got piles of boxes in my new place. The old place still has a few things scattered around it, but I have until the end of the month to take care of that, so I'm not worrying about it until next week.

No internet at the new place yet, and I'm not getting cable, so it's been a little bit of a lifestyle change living there. I can get good local TV reception, so I've been watching a little bit of that, but I've also gotten a bit more reading done than I usually do.

Still feeling kind of blah about everything. The major part of the move is done, but I still have the unpacking weighing on me. And the worries about the transformed job. I sure hope this funk doesn't last much longer; who knows what kind of drastic changes I'll effect in order to jolt myself out of it.

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